Alex Ccahuana

Alex Ccahuana

Alex and Haku met at a fair organized by artisans once a week in Cusco. They come from different provinces, districts or populated centers to show their crafts.

His work seemed incredible to us and attracted our attention from the moment we arrived at his space. What we did not know was that Alex is an incredible human being, he has a small means of transportation with which he collects the headbands that he uses in each toiletry bag and without hesitation he promised to accompany us to visit one of our team's workshops while he told us about his traditional process and we exchanged new ideas that we wanted to work with him. On the way, he introduced us to Magdalena (in charge of designing the headbands) and showed us a fair in Kcauri which we visited with great interest.

At the end of the day I made a new friend and knew that he was part of our Haku family.

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