Aurora Machaca

Aurora Machaca

In the middle of stories, she tells us that she decided to follow the tradition of her parents, who were dedicated to fur-based crafts, to dedicate themselves to textile crafts. From a very young age, she began working making pieces even before having a sewing machine and little by little she continued to develop her talent, creating new accessories that have allowed her to support her family, who are her greatest motivation. ❤️

We are proud to have a strong and talented woman on our team 👏🏼❤️ In Haku she is in charge of Our Traveling Hakus, Chaski Bags and Crossbodys.

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¡Excelente trabajo!

Compre una mochila y está preciosa, la calidad es muy buena y me encantan los colores.

Rocio Vargas

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